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The backbone of the Biostat Core are its biostatisticians.
The quality of the provided service ultimately depends on them.
Their competence and happiness are of utmost importance to us.


Prof. Matteo Bottai, Karolinska Institutet

Advisory Board

Prof. Johan Askling, Karolinska Institutet
Prof. Anders Ekbom, Karolinska Institutet
Prof. Maria Feychting, Karolinska Institutet



Andrea Discacciati has a Master's degree in statistics with honor from the Department of Statistics, Bicocca University, Milan, Italy, and a doctoral degree from Karolinska Institutet. He coauthored various papers in statistics, medicine, and epidemiology. His interests include survival analysis, rates of occurrence, and statistical computing.



Jonas Höijer has a Master's degree in statistics from Uppsala University, Sweden. Before working at the Biostat Core, he worked as statistician at the Swedish National Agency for Education, and as teacher in statistics at Uppsala University. He is coauthor on papers in oncology, immunology, hepatology, cardiology, and social sciences. He is fascinated by the concept of causality.



Michael Sachs has a PhD degree in biostatistics from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Before joining the Biostat Core, he worked at the Biostatistics Branch, National Institutes of Health, Rockville, MD. His research interests are the development and evaluation of risk prediction models/diagnostic tests/biomarkers, longitudinal data analysis, assay development and validation, missing data patterns and mechanisms, statistical computing, causal inference in observational studies, and tools for reproducible research.



Paolo Frumento has a doctoral degree in statistics from the University of Florence, Florence, Italy, and is assistant professor at Karolinska Institutet. His research focuses on quantile regression, quantile modeling, survival analysis, and software implementation. He is coauthor of various papers in statistics, medicine, epidemiology, ecology, and economics.



Ulf Hammar is a Master's student in mathematical statistics at the University of Umeå. He is a coauthor on papers related to malaria, cancer, and cardiovascular research. If you think you can win a match at chess with him, he will happily accept a challenge.